Hello! Sign my guestbook please. Write whatever you want, I don't really care. Just don't send me anything that will make me cry :')


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7:47am 04-18-2019
Joe Dream
Love it!
6:12pm 04-14-2019
This reminds me so much of the sites my friends and I used to make. Glad to see people are still having fun doing these!
1:48am 02-08-2019
this place is so great. it makes the good slime happen in my brain
3:28am 02-04-2019
quite a difference between the enter page and the site! haha. I like it all though

11:44pm 01-05-2019
skylar (snowy)
your site is so cool!! i love the layout
2:31am 01-04-2019
Hunter Spicy
Hey! Love the site. Plz check mine out. I live in FL now, but used to live in Kamloops, B.C. You know it?
2:01am 12-19-2018
Venus Fly Trash
Plzzzzzzzzz sign im desperate :')